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Up from Slavery: A Biography of Booker T. Washington

The birth of the modern American Libertarian movement can arguably be traced to the work of three women.

Kansas: Police Officer Fired For Faking Viral Story Of McDonald's Worker Writing Pig On His Coffee (Video)

How about a Scorpion Taco!?

Donald John Trump signs bill restoring funding for black colleges!


Doses of Vaccines for USA Children from Birth to 18 Years of age:

Pakistan: Special court hands death sentence to former President General Pervez Musharraf in high treason case

New York Public School Rejects Request By Christian Teen To Start A Christian Club As 'Too Exclusive' Then Approves An LGBTQ+ Pride Club Instead

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama in Malaysia: U.S. still not where we need to be on race

School Invites Convicted Prostitute Drag Queen to Talk to Kids

Police say a 13-year-old boy has confessed in brutal stabbing murder of Barnard College student Tessa Majors

Oregon beggar sentenced to jail after causing over $9,000 in damage because no one was giving her money, report says

California: Cop Shoots Innocent Unarmed Woman - Forces Her To Crawl to Him As She Bleed Out (Video)

Battle of the Teenagers: Black Conservative 17 Year Old CJ Pearson Challenges 16 Year Old Greta Thunberg To Climate Debate After She has Named Time's Person of the Year!

5 Margaret Sanger Quotes That Expose the Jew Hating, Minority Hating Racist Legacy of Planned Parenthood.

Swedish scientist proposes cannibalism to fight climate change!

7 Ways Hemp Plastic Could Change the World!

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